Organic Wine Range


The winery that produces this wine is one of Australia’s one 100 percent organic and carbon neutral wine producers. Their wines have been preservative free for over 10 years and they strongly believe in sustainable and demand a standard that shores up their bright, clear agricultural future by saying no to the use of any synthetic chemicals throughout our grape-growing, and wine-making processes.

It’s all natural all the way when it comes to the management of the vineyards. You’ll find these happy soil patches in Langhorne Creek, Eden Valley and Loxton, playing host to fruit honoured by handling it as little as possible during the winemaking process.

The winery is very proud that producing top quality organic wines can be done and they are doing it, with yields comparable to other non-organic wineries in the area. The nutrients used at the vineyard hail in part from compost but also by growing cover crops of legumes (for nitrogen) and cereals (for organic matter). The winery try’s its best to simply leave the vine to do its thing, to honour the process by keeping it simple and reducing cultivation as much as possible. To that end, the cover crop is rolled or slashed and thrown under vine.

At the winemaking team’s discretion, they mulch under the vine row and at other times, they cultivate. Fungal diseases are handled using Ecocarb (an organic alternative to fungicide) and vegetable oil and insect pests are food for predators. The native vegetation surrounding the vineyards provide habitats for many of them.

In the final stages of winemaking, no animal-derived products are used for finning the wine hence you can be confident this wine is also vegan-friendly.

The end note? The dedication to sustainable practices isn’t only for the earth. The wines this producer makes and love are bright, well-balanced, and kind to your body.