Borgo dei Trulli Negroamaro

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Hailing all the way from Maruggio, Italy this Negroamaro Intense red with violet hues, the wine displays aromas of plums, wild strawberries and black pepper. The palate is full-bodied, with hints of liquorice and nutmeg, well-balanced tannins and a long and persistent finish. Perfect with chicken dishes, grilled vegetables, lamb and soups with vegetables and meat

 About the producer:

Over the years Orion Wines has established strong relationships with many growers who have embraced the Orion Wines’ philosophy of vineyard management and cultivating techniques.

Excellent winemaking has been made possible by selecting wineries equipped with the most modern, state of the art equipment, in order to maximize the proper handling of the grapes. Orion Wines’ winemaking team created all the protocols for the transformation of the grapes based on the final objective and in full respect of the high quality fruit that has been carefully cultivated.

With the passing of time and an even better understanding of this beautiful region, Orion Wines realized that the potential in Puglia is tremendously high. The quality of the grapes obtained from old, low-yielding vineyards, cultivated both in the Alberello Pugliese method or the Espalier method, is excellent. The resulting wines display a unique personality and can easily become some of the best that Italy, and indeed the globe, has to offer.

The areas between the towns of Manduria and Sava and the Ionian Sea is where Orion Wines saw the greatest potential. The unique soil, the micro-climatic conditions and the older age of the vineyards all combine to make this small patch of territory which Orion Wines found to be an absolutely ideal scenario and focused its attention here, creating long-lasting friendships and cooperation with many small local growers in this specific area.


Product Notes

Alcohol Content:
Intense red with violet hues
aromas of plums, wild strawberries and black pepper
The palate is fullbodied, with hints of liquorice and nutmeg, well-balanced tannins and a long and persistent finish.
Oak Treatment:
Following malolactic fermentation the wine is racked and placed in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature of 18°C.
Maruggio, Italy


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