Cheeky Monkey Gas Bay Hazy IIPA

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Once we get up around the 30-35+ g/l of dry hops and an ABV in the double digits, we aren’t looking for delicacy and finesse, we are just kind of standing around the tank poking it with a stick to see what happens.”

The brew team’s shooting from the hip way of brewing on this resulted in enjoyable discovery, with the big ferment throwing huge esters and hop oils through the roof. Expect bright citrus, ripe mango and tropical fruits to dominate.

Ripe mango, bright citrus, tropical fruits and of course, some of that dankness.

Soft malt flavour and big and punchy on the aroma. Gas Bay expresses its intensified hopping regime in an almost concentrated format. Each variety fighting for centre stage, coinciding in areas like bright citrus, the dankness and tropical fruit.

Heavy on the palate. With a rounded water profile and protein heavy malts, this beer has a softness to its mouthfeel. Bitterness is gentle to match.

Hops: Nectaron, Centennial, Strata, Azacca
Malts: Extra pale malt, Oats, Wheat

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