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This Swan Valley Icon Chenin Blanc 2022 is bursting with tropical aromatics, a full flavored and mouth filling wine with a crunchy acidity to finish – perfect for a sunny afternoon enjoying a glass or two with good friends and some delicious fresh seafood. Chenin Blanc grows very well in the Swan Valley and we find our aromatic and generous style to be very popular


What is Chenin Blanc


Chenin Blanc is a highly revered white variety from the central regions of the Loire Valley where it is used to make sweet, semi-sweet and dry white wines and also sparkling wine. It is less highly regarded in Australia.


It is grown extensively in Western Australia where it has formed the basis of the popular Houghton’s White Burgundy. Along with Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, and sometimes Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc has been a component of the WA Classic Dry White style.

The famous Loire Valley wines of Vouvray are made from Chenin Blanc. The variety is also used for making wines under the appellations of Montlois, Savennieres and Saumur, to name just a few.


Most Australian plantings are in Western Australia, but Chenin is present in most Australian regions. It is probable that the WA propensity for using the variety is a result of importation of vines from South Africa in the 19th Century. Around Perth the variety has historically played a role similar to that it plays in South Africa, producing wines of no great character. The variety is reasonably popular in Margaret River and Swan Valley where growers and winemakers have more of an eye for quality.



About The Producer


The producer of this fantastic Chenin Blanc was established in 1829 on a portion of land in South Guildford off the Swan River which makes this winery the second oldest in Australia. The current owners purchased the property in 1933 from the founding family. Four generations of family have now owned and operated the winery since 1933. The winery now makes over 35 different wines and is one of the most respected producers in the Swan Valley.



About The Icon:


No one can dispute the iconic status of this legendary female singer and musical genius! Her talent was immeasurable in every way.

She was born in London England on September 14th 1983. She broke into the music business at the tender age of 16 years when one of her classmates and close friends passed on a demo tape to a music label that was searching for a jazz vocalist. She signed her first record deal as a jazz vocalist and her music later blossomed into a mixture of jazz, pop, soul and R&B.


She was surrounded by the influence of jazz from a very young age as many of her close relatives on her mother’s side were professional Jazz musicians and her father sang as a child with his own family. This iconic figures grandmother was romantically involved with British jazz legend Ronnie Scott. Because of this musical background this iconic figure grew up listening to a diverse range of music from James Taylor to Sarah Vaughn. At age 10 she became attracted to the rebellious spirit of female R&B and hip hop acts like Salt- N-’Pepa.


Her music centered on her own personal struggles with addition and relationships. There is no doubt her musical talent was huge and she won 5 Grammy Awards in one night equaling Beyoncé’s then record.  Her music will last the test of time and unfortunately her Iconic status was sealed with her untimely death at the tender age of 27 years due to addiction and substance abuse.

There was much controversy in our office when we discussed the selection of this Iconic figure for inclusion in our Icon range of wines. Her addition issues began with alcohol abuse and quickly spiraled to the abuse of hard drugs. Whilst we in no way condone the abuse of alcohol it would have been remiss of us not to include this legendary songstress in our Icon range and we do not intend to promote the irresponsible consumption of alcohol in doing so. After much debate we just wanted to honor her in some way as an Iconic artist and figure.

When selecting a wine to pair with such a musical genius and talent we could not go past this magnificent Swan Valley Chenin Blanc 2022.


The winery behind this wine has won numerous awards just like this iconic figure did in her short career. The winery is at the top of their game just like she was when she met her untimely death. The aromas are bursting with tropical fruit just like the bursting, straight to the point lyrics that this songstress gave to us.


The full flavours and crunchy acid finish remind us of the truth and honesty contained in her captivating and unique voice. We only had this iconic figure for a short time but what a ride it was… she was one of a kind and we were lucky to be immersed in her talent. Likewise we will only have this wine for a short time so please enjoy the talents of this winery and iconic wine as much as we have.


Comments from Wine Buyer Steve


What a beautiful Chenin Blanc from the magnificent Swan Valley. On the nose Granny Smith apples, ripe passion fruit, orange blossom, summer floral and on the palate passionfruit, candied orange, crisp & zingy finish. We have been very lucky to secure a small parcel of this wine for our customers. Amazing value from us at $13.00 per bottle

My Score 93/100  – WACC Gold Medal.

Product Notes

Alcohol Content:
WA Cleanskin Cellars Trophy
Golden straw with green tints.
Granny Smith apples, ripe passion fruit, orange blossom, summer floral.
Rich, generous front palate, passionfruit, candied orange, crisp & zingy finish.
Oak Treatment:
Swan Valley, Western Australia.
Cellaring Potential:
Will get better with cellaring until 2026. Stelvin cap closure.


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