Victorian ‘Sunsets’ Prosecco 2024

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What is Prosecco?


Prosecco is a white wine variety grown in the North East of Italy. The grape variety gives its name to a style of sparkling wine. It is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and is now being produced in a number of Australian wine regions.  There was some commercial pressure to rename the grape variety name to “Glera” and to claim geographic indicator protection to the name Prosecco. While Prosecco is mainly used to make low alcohol sparkling wines, occasionally it is used for still wines. Prosecco can be frizzante, semi sparkling, or spumante, fully sparkling.Prosecco is becoming more popular as many wine drinkers are looking for a light dry sparkling wine with lower alcohol. To some extent Prosecco is following on from the success of Moscato, but for people who prefer drier wine styles.


About The Producer

The producer of this beautiful Victorian Sunsets Prosecco 2020 is making some fantastic trophy winning wines from quality fruit sourced from the Murray Darling region of Victoria. The owner and head winemaker Alex has a simple philosophy with which we agree ‘grow great fruit and produce great wine!’.


About the Region

 Straddling the Murray River in north-west Victoria and western New South Wales, the Murray Darling is a vast region. Combined with Swan-Hill immediately to the South-East, it is the third-largest winegrowing region in Australia after the Riverland (South Australia) and Riverina (New South Wales).

 The first grape vines were planted in the region in 1888; the region was a virtual desert before irrigation transformed it in the late 1800s. While being primarily known for the large-scale production of Chardonnay, Shiraz and other major varieties to go into leading well-known brands, the past few years have seen a large number of smaller wineries emerge and the region now has more than 30 boutique wine producers.


About The Wine

This Victorian Sunsets Prosecco is awesome! It has an aroma which is very light which is typical of Prosecco with hints of citrus and faint green mandarin. The palates is light and refreshing, but not mouth filling, an aperitif or session wine, dry but enough sugar to prevent it being harshly dry.

Comments from Wine Buyer Steve

To be honest with you I have not had many Prosecco in my life and I was very surprised I haven’t been a big fan in the past. This Victorian Sunsets Prosecco is as fresh and crisp as you could ask for in an off dry sparkling. It is just so easy to drink with beautiful zesty citrus notes and a crisp, granny smith apple finish. I am now a fan!!

My Score – 91/100 WACC Silver Medal.

Winery Scored 5 Red Stars From James Halliday


Product Notes

Alcohol Content:
Serving Suggestions:
- 91/100 Points
Light yellow with green hues - small bead
Hints of citrus and faint green mandarin
Light and refreshing, but not mouth filling, an aperitif or session wine, dry but enough sugar to prevent it being harshly dry
Oak Treatment:
Murray Darling Victoria.
Cellaring Potential:
Drinking well now - Good for 1-2 years cellaring. Cork Closure


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