Back Vintage Wine Range


There is nothing like drinking aged wines and in particular, good aged red wine! Our wine buyer, Steve and winemaker David, get very excited when a sample of back vintage wine arrives to be tested.

It is amazing how an aged red wine grows in complexity over the years; the tannin subsidies and the wine take on smooth and complex flavours and aromas. It’s is with aged red wines that you see the actual skills of the winemaker who crafted them from grape to bottle and finally to the cellar. The same can be achieved with some white wine varieties such as Chardonnay and Riesling, but they are as rare as hens teeth in Australia.

‘Back Vintage’ wines are just like finding lost treasure, and there are many reasons they come our way. In many instances, the wineries have forgotten about a pallet they have had in off-site storage. For the winery, there is no point in reintroducing the wine back into the range, and that is where we come in as an easy option for them to move it quickly. Lucky us and lucky for our customers!

We hope you enjoy our ‘Back Vintage’ wines as much as we do, we have found some crackers and welcomed to our treasure chest!