Fundraising With Wine

A successful fundraiser is more than just about making money: it’s about having fun too and that’s what we like to pride ourselves on here at WA Cellars!  We have created an opportunity for you to make fundraising easy, with generous donations of $36.00 per case sold ($3.00 per bottle), personalised wine labels, and for minimal outlay or effort by you.

We have a quality range of wines that we use for wine fundraising drives from our extensive selection. We create a specific link to our website for your members/friends/family etc. to order the wines online. We can also design a personalised wine label for your specific fundraiser.

We design a flyer for you with the unique website link which you email to your family, friends and organisation members. You can also post the flyer and link on your social media channels.

We take care of the rest by processing payment and arranging shipping.  All wine orders are placed via the secure website on your unique web-page.

Link to further fundraising info on our website

Link to fundraising registration:

Link to fundraising terms & conditions:

As the organiser, you will be able to log into a dashboard and monitor orders received and donations applicable. At the end of the fundraising period, we donate the funds to your fundraiser’s nominated account.   We donate $30 per case ($3.00 per bottle) for every 12-bottle case of wine ordered by members of the organisation. If they dont wont to buy a full case of 12 x bottles they can also by a 6 pack and you will still receive $3.00 per bottle as a donation from us.


How to get started

Please complete the registration form by clicking on the Fundraising Registration page link above. We will then review the registration and once approved we will create your own fundraising page and let you know when it’s open for orders.

Get in touch

To discuss further please contact Ashleigh at or (08) 9248-6621.