Convict Wine Range


Our Convict range of Cream Liqueurs is a nod to our Australian Convict heritage. The Irish featured heavily on those initial convict ships heading to Australia and between 1788 and 1921 over half a million Irish people made the long sea journey to Australia, in fact Australia is the most Irish country outside of Ireland. Most came directly from Ireland but some were transported after conviction in England and a few, such as those tried as soldiers in the British Army, arrived from places like India.

A few did extremely well, despite their past as felons. Others, after obtaining their freedom, led ordinary lives and perhaps though that they were well out of Ireland, given conditions there in the first half of the 19th century.
The Irish brought with them the skill of making beautiful cream liqueurs and we have selected two fantastic cream liqueurs (Butterscotch and Chocolate) made here in Australia that can easily compete in terms of quality with the best of them from Ireland.

Australian Butter Scotch Liqueur