Limited Release Wine Range


There is usually only a small quantity of these ultra-premium wines available which have been made with top quantity fruit and have received absolute love, attention and skill in their craftsmanship. These wines usually retail under wineries brand upward of $50+ per bottle and they need to move the remainder so they can release the next vintage. We are always happy to help move these wines without damaging the wineries brand at a cheaper price to our customers.

Our label for the limited release wine range is very traditional and pays homage to the magnificent wines that are in the bottle. To give you an indication in 2013/2014 we sold a Barossa Valley Shiraz 2010 under our Limited Release brand for $50.00 per bottle. The same wine under the wineries brand sold for $45 per bottle! They needed to move the last 1000 bottles and we presold it to our customers before it even arrived from South Australia.

In 2011 we sold a Western Australian Shiraz Cabernet 2003 for $25.00 per bottle which sold under the wineries brand for $110 per bottle and is one of Western Australia’s most recognised and awarded red wines.

We guarantee you that we have put our heart and sole into every wine we find for our Limited Release brand and that it represents exceptional value for money for an ultra-premium wine.