South West Wine Range


Our South West range of wines is sourced from various regions in the South of Western Australia and represents unbelievable value for money in every way at $8.00 per bottle. The reason that we do not name the exact wine region these wines are from is that they are usually a blend of a number of regions in the South of Western Australia (Margaret River/Great Southern) so we simply name them South West. We all now that every region in the South West of WA produces a wine of exceptional quality and to grab a bottle for $8.00 is an absolute steal!

We don’t believe in a fancy looking label for this range of wines and have used our simply WA Cleanskin Cellars label on all the wines which identify the variety of wine, region of South West and all other requirements such as alcohol content etc.

We know these South West wines are cheap but don’t be fooled into thinking they lack quality as they are superb! So grab a bottle and give one a try… you won’t be disappointed.