Fundraising with wine

WA Cellars donates to your fundraising cause

WA Cellars have created an opportunity for you to make fundraising unique, fun, easy to organise, successful and for no outlay. Our Wine Fundraiser Affiliate program is the easiest way to raise funds for a good cause, especially with our range of awesome wines.

How it works?

You complete an application form and return it to us and we set you up on our website as a fundraising affiliate. We then provide you with a unique link to a page on our website which has a list of our awesome fundraising wines available to be ordered by your members, families, friends etc. We design a flyer for you to email out to your data base and post on social media which has the direct link the page on our website where people can order the wines. They have to order a minimum of 6 x bottles however they can mix it any way the like.

We have 9 different wines in our fundraising wine range as follows:

Margaret River Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 

Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc 

Margaret River Shiraz 

Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 

Margaret River Rose 

Clare Valley Moscato 

South Australian Sparkling White NV

South Australian Sparkling Rose NV 

South Australian Tawny Port 5 Year Old

There are a number of different pricing structures for our wine fundraisers depending whether your are in a metro, rural, interstate location and/or you would like you own custom designed wine labels on the bottles. See below for pricing:

Fundraising Wine Pricing:

WA Metro area with WA Cellars Brand Wine Labels on bottles = $144.00 per dozen + $10.00 postage

WA Metro area with Custom Wine labels on bottles = $156.00 per dozen + $10.00 postage

WA Rural with WA Cellars Brand Labels on bottles = $153.00 + $10.00 postage

WA Rural with Custom Wine Labels on bottles = $165.00 + $10.00 postage

Interstate with WA Cellars Brand Wine Labels on bottles = $144.00 per dozen + $20.00 postage

Interstate with Custom Wine Labels on bottles = $165.00 + $20.00 postage

We donate to your fundraising cause $36.00 per case ($3.00 per bottle) of wine purchased. (12 bottles in a case) or your members can order a 6 pack if preferred and we still donate $3.00 per bottle.  

Once a person places an order for the wines they are immediately dispatched via Australia Post to the customer.

You as the Affiliate/Fundraising coordinator will have a log in and password so you can log into your Affiliate page and see what orders have been received and how much donation is applicable to your organisation/charity/fundraising cause. It is that easy!! There is very minimal effort required on your part for your Wine Fundraiser other than promoting it on your social media channels and to your data base.

At the end of the wine fundraiser we donate to your organisation the $36.00 per dozen case of wine that has been sold to your nominated account.

    Tips for a Successful Wine Fundraiser

    Check your events calendar

    When considering when to run the wine fundraiser keep special events, school holidays and public holidays in mind. People usually like to have their wine before these events. Running a wine fundraiser during these times also means a lot of your members may be away so might not be in the position to order.

    Plan Ahead

    Try and plan all of your wine fundraisers for the year ahead. That way you can get organized early and you can also let those who ordered know when the next one will be ahead of time! It’s also great to get some pre-promotion time before each fundraiser so people know it’s coming and can plan their wine purchases ahead of time.

    Focus Your Efforts

    Try not to run a Wine Fundraiser while running other fundraising activity. This enables you to really focus your energies on one thing at a time to make sure it really works for you. This also avoids your members feeling overloaded.

    Take It One Step Further – Successful Ideas That Have Worked In The Past!

    Here’s a list of strategies some groups have use successfully in the past that might give you some ideas for your next fundraiser!


    Consistency is Key

    Run the wine fundraiser at the same time each term/each year. Some schools run a wine fundraiser in the same week of each term and only run it for 1 week. People know exactly when the next fundraiser will be happening so they can plan ahead their wine purchases. The other great thing is that the wine fundraiser doesn’t go on too long, so it’s less work for the committee and your members don’t get sick of hearing about it!

    Compulsory Participation

    Many Hands Make Light Work. While this sounds a scary thing to ask of your members, most people these days know that fundraising is essential to the successful operation of any non-profit group. If you are reading this, there is no doubt you are always one of those people who always get 100% behind any fundraising efforts and then watch so many others sit back and do nothing while reaping the benefits of the same committed few.

    Some sporting clubs ask ALL of their members to participate by asking every member to buy at least 1 dozen. If a member is not in a position to buy themselves, they are asked to get someone they know to buy. If 700 members all bought 1 dozen each you would raise anything between $7,000 and $21,000!! Apart from the thousands of dollars we would donate, the effort is shared!

    Individual Donations “A Great Incentive”

    If fundraising for a trip for your sporting group, each player can be rewarded for their individual fundraising efforts by putting the donation raised by that person directly towards the cost of their trip. This provides a great incentive to help boost your donations. One family who was sending their child on a trip was up for $2000 in costs. Just from the wine fundraiser alone they individually raised $790 so only had to fund the remaining amount. All your members have to do is nominate the player they want the donation to go to and we do all of the breakdowns for you, so it’s no extra work for you.

    Before the Wine Fundraiser

    Pre-Promote the Wine Fundraiser

    A few weeks before, let everyone know WA Cellars will be running a wine fundraiser soon so to save any wine purchases til then. For anyone hosting a party or event – 21st, engagement, staff office party it’s a great opportunity to buy some fantastic wine at a great price while helping your organization raise some money at the same time!