We are a small family wine business founded in 2004 by husband and wife team Marie and Steve Cloughley sourcing Awesome Wines at Awesome Prices for our customers from some of the best wineries in Australia. Over 90% of our wine range is sourced from the magnificent wineries throughout Western Australia. Through our long standing relationships with wineries (particularly in WA) we are able to acquire smaller quantities of premium wine and sell them to the public under our own brands, at up to 60% off the wineries price if you were buying those wines under the winery brand. We effectively help small to medium wineries move excess wine without damaging their brand value as we sell it cheaper under our brands.

Its a win for the winery, a win for us and a win for our Customers.



Chief Product taster…buyer /Wine Wanker/Beer Snob

I really love the liquor industry in WA! We have such amazing wine regions and craft breweries in our beautiful state and I get to go to all of them and say it is part of my job. They are innovative and produce some of the most amazing wines and craft beers in Australia, and its my job to know which ones are doing their job. I love that WA Cellars is bringing these amazing WA wines and craft beers to the rest of Australia on our website.

A fun fact is my mum was once Bon Scott from ACDC’s girlfriend and my dad threw away their love letters. But back then he was a Postie

My favourite wine is Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon and favourite beer is India Pale Lager from Beerfarm, however in saying these are my favourites I must admit that I enjoy most beers and wines from this beautiful state of ours.


Bean Counter and Champagne Connoisseur

I have always had a love of wine, and cut my teeth on beer and wine. Although I must admit I never did rate the Darwin Stubby. When I had enough of working for other people I decided, what the hell let’s do our own thing and what better thing to do than start a wine business. Making your passion your job is one of the most rewarding goals I have ever achieved.

A fun fact about me is that my life goal is travel to the best wine regions in the world, and I have ticked quite a few off the list. When we get out of COVID I hope to tick a few more off.

My love of wine varieties can change almost daily as we are so blessed to have so many amazing wines in WA, however my favourite wine of all time is Sparkling, and I love to Saber the top of the bottles.


Show me the Money and Party Planner

I love being a part of a family owned and operated business. With a small crazy team of 5 we have created a positive and banter filled work environment, and I am usually the brunt of everyone’s jokes. This makes the lack of sleep ins totally worth it (and my idea of a sleep in is until midday) ! I truly love getting to meet new people and share my love of wine, cheese, and human connection with individuals and groups at all walks of life.

A fun fact about me is I have an unhealthy obsession with my dog Koda. I am also a university student currently studying my bachelors in Occupational Therapy (Honours). (that’s the boring part about me)

My go to wine variety is a sparkling rose but to be honest I love anything with sweet and fruity notes!


CMD CTRL replaced Locky

Creative Designer, I have been working in Perth within 2D/3D Animation, Graphic Design, Video Editor, WordPress Developer, Online Advertising and more.

Have worked on large-scale projects to high professional standards such as 3D Visuals / Fly Throughs, 2D Animation Projects, Consultations and E-Training or Customer Website Training packages, Video Presentations, Event Development, Television Commercial Processing.

Hobbies are creating music, taking photos, cat cafe’s, camping and design


We have come a long way since 2004.. We have introduced some fantastic quality wine ranges under wine labels.

Each wine range and wine label has a story behind it and represents the best quality and value for money we could find for our customers at up to 60% off the wineries branded price for the same wine.

Check out our quality wine ranges, and get to know the story behind each range.