What is a Cleanskin wine?

A Cleanskin wine is a value for money wine that is sold without the proprietary label of a producer. WA Cleanskin Cellars has established a strong supply line with many premium wineries and suppliers throughout Australia. Our cleanskin wines are purchased directly from the producer and may be the result of cancelled export orders or oversupply issues. We now have a range of wines exclusively made for us by premium producers and they are sensational value for money!!!.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver! Flat $10 postage rate per case in Perth Metro area (40km of Perth GPO) all other areas of Australia as per Australia Post rates.

What time are you open?

See the individual store pages at our stores

Do you accept Credit Card?

Currently we accept Visa, Master Card and Bankcard. We accept credit cards for phone or Internet orders. Internet orders can be submitted via this secure website.

Where are you located?

Please see our store locations under Our Stores

Can I taste your wine first?

All our wines are available for tasting in our stores everyday they are open. So come in and join us around the tasting barrel. You can also request to taste any of our wines in store and if you are holding a function or you need to taste certain wines please contact one of our stores and advise when you are coming in and we can organize this for you. We do recommend that you come in during our quieter times so that we can spend more time with you.

Why are the wines so cheap – is the quality not very good?

Every single bottle of wine in our stores is ‘value for money’ in terms of the quality. We have our exclusive range of wines specifically made for us by wineries to reflect our customers tastes. We have input throughout the whole wine making process and ensure that our cleanskin wines are better in quality because of our customers input. The wines are cheaper because the marketing costs traditionally associated with branded wines has been removed by WA Cleanskin Cellars and we have been able to focus on the quality of what is actually in the bottle instead of the marketing of a label. We are then able to offer the cleanskin wines for a cheaper price for the quality. Some of our wines are exclusively made for us, and you will not find it anywhere with a producers label on it or as a cleanskin wine at any other outlet.

Will you tell me who produced the wine?

Absolutely not. That would take all of the fun out of it and we would also be in Breach of our Confidentiality Agreements.


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