Natural Wine Range


Natural wines are becoming more popular and interesting to the wine loving public in Australia and we are very lucky that some of Australia’s best natural wine producers are now offering some of their natural wines for us to sell under our wine brands.

Natural wines have existed for thousands of years prior to industrialisation. In this bygone era wine was not made using commercial yeasts, vitamins, enzymes, Mega Purple, reverse osmosis, cryoextraction, powdered tannins or sulphur dioxide. These wines of the past were made from crushed grapes that fermented into wine, it was as simple as that, and no definition was needed as it was just ‘the way it was done’. The techniques were vastly experimental and as varied as the winemakers themselves who worked with whatever opportunities were at their disposal. Today, natural wine is being artfully made, dutifully drank and savoured by those who champion a sustainable livelihood fed by the provisions of nature. Natural winemakers take calculated risks but thoroughly impressed with the results are forging ahead with a lot of faith and a hawk-eye attention to detail, both essential instruments, and to date very little failure has been recorded by sommeliers who are the natural wine movements’ strongest supporters.

Natural wines overarching philosophy is non-intervention. From vineyard to cellar the wine is made using quality fruit grown by organic and biodynamic practices and experimental and free-form methods of viticulture. They are cultivated in tune with the ‘nature’ evident in both the grapes and the territory in which they grow.

Some of the techniques important techniques to make natural wines include the use of Clay Amphora or terracotta pots for fermenting such as ceramic eggs and demijohns. New oak barrels are used only when appropriate for the ageing process and not as a flavouring. Filtration is kept to a minimum as is the use of sulphur-dioxide and other additives.

We look forward to supplying our customers with some awesome natural wines at awesome prices under our ‘N’ brand so you too can enjoy this natural wine renaissance.