Western Australian Pet-Nat Sauvignon Blanc

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What is a Pet Nat?

Pétillant-naturel, or a pét-nat refers to wines produced in the méthode ancestrale, an ancient and natural way of making sparkling wines, predating the méthode champenoise that we are more familiar with. All sorts of old-world traditions are employed to create these simpler, more rustic sparkling’s, but essentially these wines are bottled before primary fermentation and are finished without the addition of secondary yeasts or sugars.   Pét-nats are often cloudy, unfiltered, and capped with a crown seal if they are in bottle or in our case inside a can! The end product is also exciting and unpredictable, opening each bottle is a surprise, suggestive of the time and location where it was bottled.

Pét-nats can be white, rose or red in colour (which makes them super versatile when pairing with foods, you’ve pretty much got it all covered). They vary enormously in carbonation, from almost still, to tiny-prickly bubbles, to effusive effervescence! Each bottle/can needs to be well settled and cold before opening to minimise the latter. Thanks to all those natural yeasts and sugars pét-nats are usually slightly funky on the nose and to taste. They are zingy and bouncy with an appealing array of flavours.


About This Wine


There are plenty of great SBs made and I wanted to do something totally off the spectrum with this one.  2019 single vineyard Sauvy B from Manjimup, 100% Carbonic Maceration, 100% natural, fermented from a vineyard captured wild yeast. After pressing, the wine spent 9 months in tank to rest until it developed a natural flor yeast. A back add of the original juice right at packaging, some very kind words, and a couple of buckets of “hope like hell it referents” to produce the bubbles!


The end result is complex spicy kombucha aromas with a spritzy, textural mouthfeel and savoury weighted flavours.



Comments from Wine Buyer Steve


We who would of thought!! Pet Nat SB in a can! I have a had a few Pet Nats from bottle in my time but this was the first time I had ever seen it in a can. It is vey nice, refreshing and funky. Beautiful Pet Nat Characters with nice savoury aromas and a funky texture on the palate. I like it and to be honest at $6.50 per can or $24 per 4 pack I do not think you will find a more value for money Pet Nat anywhere else.


My Score – 92/100 – WACC Silver Medal.



About The Producer


The producer of this very innovative Pet Nat Sauvignon Blanc 2019 (in a CAN!) sources top quality fruit and crafts wine to share his passion, skills and knowledge in the service of bringing people together. Some say it is a compulsion, regardless, it’s all about the fun. His hope is that he will have a home soon at Perth’s first urban winery located somewhere in East Perth. It will be a place to share in the process and craft of winemaking while sensorily evaluating the products. It won’t just be a home for his unique and interesting wines, but also for great producers from other regions and countries, because the real fun is in sharing!


Product Notes

Alcohol Content:
Funky Green.
Savoury brioche
Wild fermented, savoury funky texture with crisp citrus flavours.
Oak Treatment:
Western Australia
Cellaring Potential:
Drinking well now


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