About Sick Puppy

Our point of difference is GLUTEN REDUCED BEER, not to be confused with Gluten Free. So what does this mean for Gluten Sensitive Beer Lovers?

We hand craft the reduction of gluten in all our beers, so you can enjoy a great beer without the unwanted effects. We are able to maintain great tasting full bodied beers while drastically reducing the presence of gluten to undetectable amounts.

For a product to be considered Gluten Free, test results must be below 20ppm (parts per million). Our beers have been tested through DTS Food Assurance and has delivered undetectable traces of Gluten (see our test results). Though the test results show undetectable gluten content, our beers are made using raw materials containing gluten, and so cannot be classified as Gluten Free.

Please note that we are only presenting the test results and our experiences as Gluten Sensitive Beer Lovers.  We encourage you to do your own research and decide what is best suited to your individual health. Those diagnosed with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance should consult their physician.

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Sick Puppy Retreiver Golden Ale