Innate Brewers

launching their new core range. With upcoming tasting events to get your life-pres started. These are the first beers of the rest of your life.

Starting with their tropical pale ale. Bursting with tropical fruit flavours from the first sip till’ the last drop. A companion for your wild adventures. Whether you’ve woken up in an actual jungle, or you’re just navigat- ing the concrete jungle. This hazy ale will be there with you.

Next, the draught. Clean and concise. This is a precision instrument with a hint of citrus and spice hop. If you ever find yourself stuck in a fancy situation, with only wine in sight, sneak this bad boy into a wine glass, stick out that pinkie finger and no one will think any different.

Last but not least, the IPA. Pineapple, citrus and stone-fruit. It brings the best out of people. Turns Ricks into Mavericks. It’s hard like the Terminator. Sweet, like the Terminator in Terminator 2. Drink this if you want to live.

Truly live.