South Australia Outre Sparkling Shiraz N/V

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Sparkling Shiraz is an Australian wine style. Before the enforcement of appellations d’origine contrôlée, the style was called Sparkling Burgundy. The wine begins as a Shiraz on its first fermentation. Its secondary fermentation takes place in its bottle, or méthode champenoise.

Sparkling red wines are made in numerous wine producing areas around the world, notably Champagne and Burgundy. Most winemakers choose to make these wines from Pinot Noir. No other country in the world makes sparkling wines from Shiraz grapes. Nor do they make sparkling wines as richly flavoured and full-bodied as Australian Sparkling Shiraz.

The Sparkling Shiraz style has been described as “uniquely Australian”.


About The Producer


The producer of this South Australian Outre Sparkling Shiraz N/V is Australia’s largest sparkling wine producers. The winery produces many different types of sparkling wines under a huge variety of brands. They produce some of Australia’s most loved commercial sparkling wines and traditional methode sparkling wines. They are rated a perfect 5 Red Stars by James Halliday in his 2016 Wine Companion.


The fruit used in the Sparkling Shiraz is from premium vineyards in the McLaren Vale and Coonawarra regions in South Australia.


About The Wine


This is a great premium South Australian Outré Sparkling Shiraz is at a fantastic price. It’s full of intense berry flavours and an earth leathery texture. It is from one of Australia’s premium sparkling wine producers using the transfer method (partially fermented in the bottle) to yield a sparkling wine with good intense characters.



Comments from Wine Buyer Steve


I am a huge fan of sparkling Shiraz, especially on Christmas day. There is nothing like a nice cold sparkling Shiraz on a hot Christmas day with family. This South Australian Outré Sparkling Shiraz is produced by the biggest producer of sparkling wines in Australia. A great Australian Sparkling Shiraz! This wine sells for $25.00 per bottle under brand and our customers are getting a bargain at $15.00 per bottle. My Score 94/100 WACC Gold.


Product Notes

Alcohol Content:
Serving Suggestions:
- 94/100 Points
Medium deep red
Intense berry Shiraz complemented by earthy and leathery aged characters.  Rich liqueur like and reminiscent of Christmas pudding
Soft and velvety. Flavoursome and mellow.  Rich fruit, old oak, yeast age.  Well structured and balanced by a dry and fine tannin finish.
Oak Treatment:
Base Shiraz partially treated in French oak
Western Australia