Cheeky Monkey Raspberry & Blackberry Panna Cotta Pastry Sour

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Berry Panna Cotta Pastry Sour!!!
Here we go again, adding a whole heap of fruit to yet another Pastry Sour to give you this delicious Raspberry & Blackberry Panna Cotta Pastry Sour.
We’ve pumped this beer full of raspberry & blackberry to give the punters an extremely bright deep berry pink, sharp tart, balmy floral pasty sour! Charging in the right fruity direction this sour is sooo thick we encourage you to give it a good roll before you crack it open to ensure the fruity goodness is consistent throughout!

ABV: 7%

Appearance: Bright deep berry pink

Key ingredients: Raspberry & blackberry

Aroma: Sweeeet berry

Taste:  Sharp tart berry with a balmy floral undertone

Mouthfeel: Fuller thickness with a touch of delicateness

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