Deep Elite Black India Pale Lager

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Indulge in the collaborative mastery of Deep Elite and Bevansbeer with the captivating Dorry – Black IPL. Drawing inspiration from the mysterious depths of the western Pacific, this unique brew offers an unparalleled sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. Dive into a symphony of flavours where Simcoe and Amarillo hops intertwine seamlessly with chocolate and rye malts, creating a rich and complex tapestry of taste that unfolds with each sip.

Experience the full-bodied delight of smooth coffee notes that dance on your palate, reminiscent of lazy mornings and cozy cafes. But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Prepare to be enchanted by the tropical resinous hop character that adds a refreshing twist to this dark elixir, elevating your drinking experience to new heights. With Dorry – Black IPL, every moment is an invitation to explore the depths of flavour and indulge in the extraordinary.

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