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Dingo Lager is uncomplicated and made for easy drinking, just like it should be. Handcrafted with all WA malt and barley, our focus is on producing a refreshingly simple beer that we can be proud to call Western Australia’s own.

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(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Dingo Lager

  1. Phil Gray (verified owner)

    If you happen to like Lager, then wrap your lips around a can of Dingo Lager. It is a great, no frills, uncomplicated drink that is totally refreshing in this day and age of so called ’boutique’ beers. Forget all the hype about new tastes in brewing – fair dinkum, one or two of the ‘new brews’ is enough to drive a bloke to drink. The Dingo is locally made, sourced from WA cockies who supply the barley (malted in Welshpool) and Aussie sourced hops. No added preservatives make this little drop of golden goodness a great addition to any authentic Aussie gathering……….

    • wacleanskin

      Thanks Phil 🙂

  2. Steven Schache

    I’m from SA and this is the best please make the available in SA – it makes most SA beers good as a drain cleaner 👍

    • WA Cleanskin Celllars Warehouse

      It certainly is a great WA Beer! you can always order it online from us and we will send it to you in SA 🙂

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