Froth 4/20 Eclipse India Pale Lager

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Brewed in collaboration with Hop Products Australia (HPA) for Exmouth’s once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse!! Using Eclipse ® by HPA as the staple hop in this smashable IPL, we aimed to highlight the mandarin profile through a big dry hop using Eclipse® Spectrum. Approachable and easy drinking at 4.5%. “Pint of differences” are the Eclipse hop’s characteristics, Eclipse Spectrum dry hop technique, and the beer style – India Pale Lager – not too many breweries making IPL’s – it’s a hoppy lager with a clean finish that is brewed to be refreshing and perfect for taking the edge off.

– Hops: Eclipse, Vic Secret, Ella

– ABV: 4.5%

– I.B.U: 25

– Grain: Pils, wheat, carapils, acidulated, rye

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