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For those who’ve relished the taste of Swans and revelled in the essence of Emus, both Export and Bitter, Perth’s beer aficionados now have a new delight to savor – the Quokka Export Lager.

Crafted by the ingenious mind of Nail Brewing’s maestro, John Stallwood, this 4.1% lager is playfully touted as “the world’s happiest beer” and a libation for the laid-back.

An homage to Western Australia’s beloved quokka, this brew captures the spirit of the iconic marsupial, embodying the essence of the region. Stallwood, the driving force behind this creation, secured the Quokka Export trademark back in 2019, a testament to the beer’s unique identity.

While Nail Brewing is renowned for its hop-forward, high-alcohol craft brews, the Quokka Export Lager marks a departure – an effortlessly quaffable beer designed for all to relish.

Rooted in a deep commitment to Western Australia, a place where family and community thrive, Nail Brewing proudly presents a local libation that resonates with the hearts of its people.

Sip, celebrate, and raise a glass to the spirit of WA with Quokka Export Lager – a tribute to the quokka and an embodiment of easygoing enjoyment.

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